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White Label Kit: Want to have your own real time application?


CMA's White Label Kit is designed to help your firm offer its own real time applications fast and easy. We will work with your developers to customize a sophisticated solution built on the CMA Series 4 platform, our latest and best technology.

Deploy the application internally to brokers, traders, or financial personnel aligned in your business processes. Integrate the whole thing into your systems through our programmers expertise working as apart of your team.

The end result of the CMA white label kit will be your personal design preferences, company logo and customization of what your clients require. After set up and once in production, our veteran programmers with over 30 years of successfully running CMA, will be available to support your application through all troubleshooting and break-fix scenarios.

Want to deploy the application internally to brokers, traders, or financial personnel? Our white label kit is also perfect to deploy to your clients. Are you a brokerage? Our system has trading capabilities, your clients can send you buy and sell requests electronically, we'll integrate the whole thing into your systems. And by using our programmers instead of having to hire your own team you can save even more.

To request more information please contact one of our representatives.



CMA Series 4 is the premier application for effectively displaying global real-time market data that span across all classes.


Over 100 exchanges covering all major asset classes such as: Equities, Options, Foreign eXchange, Fixed Income, Futures and Commodities.

Currencies, Treasuries, Bradies, Bonds, ETFs, Yield Curves, Indices, Rates and Indicators.

Physicals and Commodities; Soy bean, Wheat, Live Cattle, Cocoa, Sugar, Copper, Gold, Gasoline, etc.


Covering more specific data impacting local economics, politics, corporate data, sector related, agricultural and even climate. Special news stories are provided by Leia and Safras and by the Mercado news agencies.

Fundamental and Sector Analysis

CMA's Research Department, TendÍncias Consultoria and Lafis Consultoria provides complete analytical coverage of listed securities Equities, Fixed Income, and Agricultural data.

Agricultural Analysis

Daily and Weekly analysis of the Physical, Futures and Commodities markets from the Safras & Mercado, the leading commodities agency of Brazil.



CMA Series 4 is a sophisticated tool set of market data solutions that allow users to identify strategic trading opportunities through the use of: Graphs, Modules, Cross & Ranking Charts, Times & Sales, Statistics, Alarms, Options and Blotters.


Risk Management

  • Create personalized benchmarks for comparisons between portfolios across all asset classes
  • Develop real time P&L with individual securities for risk analysis
  • Simulate rebalancing of portfolios via pre determined risk aversions and parameters


CMA Series 4 has a unique set of flexible tools that allow users to trade from all system modules and windows, tracking open and executed orders across all asset classes.

One of the tools that set CMA Series 4 ahead of the competition is to give you the capability of modifying, cancel and replace, any open order directly from your graph with a simple drag of your mouse.

Order entries can be fully customized for your trading preferences.

CMA Series 4 users can also trade from:
  • Quotes Module
  • Strategies Module (with manual or automatic executions options)
  • Alarms Module· Graphs· Blotter
  • Blotter inside a graph
  • Portfolio or Basket
  • Portfolio Manager· Options Module
  • News Module
  • CMA RTrader
  • Algorithms

Portfolio and Basket Manager

CMA Series 4 has an integrated tool that can allow you to consolidate and manage different portfolios. With tools that allow user to compare sectors, rates, and with an integrated real time P&L monitor.

CMA Trading Box

Based on an IM like functionality this box allows participants to enter into negotiations of all asset classes and to have a full log of all the communication. Chat capabilities with trading templates and masks, file exchange, etc.


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